The Storm Before the Calm

Recently, I've been seeing tons of photos of perfectly arranged and pretty music classrooms posted on Facebook and blogs.  So glad for those music teachers!  We all know how much work they have put into their rooms to make that happen.  School doesn't start until after Labor Day for me.  Soooooooo . . . . thought I'd post some pictures of my own.    

      Let's just say I have a LONG way to go before our open house on Wednesday :)  But hey, we've all been there, right??  And, I'm trying to add some more special touches to my classroom this year to try to make it more colorful and exciting!  

Oh, and yes, I do know I have a HUGE room and it's awesome!!  I have also been blessed to have a supportive administrator who really tries to make sure that music is viewed as a REAL and CORE subject--woohoo!!  Wish everyone could have that!  Notice that new (used, but new to me!) SMART board up front--she made sure I got one when everyone else did because she knew I would use it a ton!
On the bright side of the chaos--I did start putting up some displays out in the hallway to let parents know where the party's at!!  We have a great time in music AND we learn--not only about music, but how to be wonderful human beings in cooperation with one another!  

 I hope the preparation for your upcoming school year is going well.  Congrats to those of you who have already started!  Can't wait to post some fun ideas as the year goes on :)  Catch you next time I have something Noteworthy!  Jen


  1. Greetings fellow Michigan Teacher Blogger! Music is so very important to what every other teacher does. Don't elementary teachers use rhyme and song? I use music to help teach poetry. Thanks for what you do. Stop by some time.
    Kovescence of the Mind

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hadn't seen your comment til now--still learning how the comments work :) I just checked out your blog too!