Back-To-School Favorites!

I have really enjoyed getting involved with Teachers Pay Teachers this summer.  Not only have I found some awesome products that other teachers have created, but I have made some of my own!  Here are 5 products I'm looking forward to using this year :)

1. Music Note and Rest Posters!!!

I love color and can't wait to hang the smaller posters on my word wall as we learn the notes and rests throughout the year!

2. Music Undercover
 This is a fun game I created that would be GREAT for centers or for a sub who knows nothing about music--we all need those activities, right?  Can't wait to use it this year :)

3. There's No Place Like Music Bulletin Board Set
I purchased this one from Lindsay Jervis--boy does she have a great store!!!  You can check it out here.  Can't wait to hang this one out in the hallway for our open house!

4.  Composer of the Month Virtual Field Trip {FREEBIE}  I always do a "something" of the month.  So, this year I decided to reformat what I'm doing and offer them on TPT.  I love to get the students really engaged with the music and one of the ways I've found to do that is to watch videos.  I got my school to allow my computer to view Youtube.  I hope you can do the same!!  Download this example for free to see if it's something you might want to do with your students, and enjoy the Youtube links to make a virtual field trip for your students!

5.  Yummy!  Yummy!'m really proud of myself for writing my own song and activity.  (And, I think it's pretty good!)  Can't wait to bust out the Chinese food boxes and play this game with my kids.  Boy will it be fun to see them smiling at an activity I created myself :)  I'd like to thank TPT, Lindsay Jervis, and Jena Hudson (who may not realize how much I love their work) for inspiring me to create!!  I never thought I could do it, but I have actually found it to be quite natural and very personally rewarding!  Maybe you should try it too!!

Here's a link to get started if you want to try it yourself:

Catch you next time I have something Noteworthy!  (And hopefully with my updated blog design!!).  Jen

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