Open House

     We just had the open house for our school this week.  It was fun to see all of those familiar faces again!  I swear some kids grow soooo much in just 3 months!!  Our open house is a time for parents to walk around the school with their children to see what class they will be in.  Normally, I just have my room set up and say "hi," but this year I wanted to be a bit more interactive.
     The first thing I did was set up my NEW (well, new to us) SMART board!!  Those things are AWESOME!!!  Can't wait to try it out this year with my students :)  I made it so they could draw on it, and also move notes around on a music staff.
     Then, I put out some owls so they could be part of my latest bulletin board.  Here are some pics from making it and then with their little owls on it.  It was a great way to start conversations and meet new students--definitely an idea to use again next year!
 First, I made a tree out of paper and put some grass below it.

 Then, I added some clouds (batting) and some owls. 

   I added my saying--tried to keep it small so they will have lots of room for their owls.  I'm thinking I might make a banner to put above the bulletin board instead . . . a teacher's work is never done!

Finally, I put some leaves on the tree and the ground to add a little more texture to the overall picture. 


 When they started to put their own owls up at the open house, it began to look like this! (Pardon the beautiful florescent light right above the tree . . . )  Can't wait to see what it looks like when there are owls everywhere after the first week of school! 

Catch you next time I have something Noteworthy! 

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