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     I have a class that really needs A LOT of movement this year to help them focus.  One of my colleagues had sent out a website for us to look at earlier this year, but I never tried it.  Later, I asked my principal if she had a tips to help me with one class and she suggested trying the website out.  The site is called GoNoodle and the best part is that it's FREE! 
     Here's what you do to use it:
Create an account and sign-up under a school.  Mine was already listed!

Once you are in, you can test it out with a demo class by clicking on the question mark.   Later you can go back and add a specific class.  I have added about 10 of them and it hasn't made me pay yet :)

 Then you have to pick a "champ."  The students love these!!
 The teacher-only demo are is great because it lets you figure out the program before you try it out with a class.
 Here is what the initial choices are:
 I haven't had that much luck with the YouTube videos running (and the videos have less structure for the students to engage with).  But the other videos--WOW!  Here is an screenshot of some of the Zumba kids videos:
 And here is Run With Us:
  The Run With Us warm-ups are great for the focus of students and they actually enjoy them!  Most of the time when the students have completed an entire video, they get a point towards earning a new "champ." 

     One of the reasons I like these brain breaks is that students love to have choices, and this is an easy way to give them a "say" in what we do.  This website also takes no extra planning time on my part (which is a huge plus).  Also, I have not found one video that the students have been bored with.  In fact, my 4th graders picked one that was made for maybe 1st grade, and they were giggling the whole time they were doing it! 

     So, whether you are a music teacher, classroom teacher, or stay-at-home-mom and you are looking for a way to help your students/children get their wiggles out, check out GoNoodle!

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