Five Favorite Music Pins of October

1.  I Knew You Were Treble
My students loved this video--nothing makes my heart happier than when my students understand music well enough to laugh at a music parody and start singing along with it.  And it helps them learn the names of the notes on the staff!

2.  Recorder Karate Loom Bands
This is a great idea that I got from this pin.  If you want to read more about some great Recorder Karate pins, go here.

 3.  Name that Solfege Tune
What a fun idea and a great way to reinforce the solfege they are learning in class!

4.  So Mi Fishbowl Notation
How cute is this?  Students will love this activity!  And it's very economical :)

5.  Note-Go-Find
How fun would this be to have a scavenger hunt around the classroom?  And it's easy to differentiate this activity!  Click on the picture to read more about it.


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