Teacher Talent Show Ideas

     Recently I've been thinking about talent shows.  It may not be that time of year for you, but I wanted to share some ideas in case you are looking for something to do with other teachers in your talent show! 
     We have a talent show at our elementary every year near the end of the year.  I love getting to see what kids choose to perform!!  As much as the students love seeing their friends perform, their absolute favorite thing is to see their teachers perform!  This can pose a challenge since some teachers are not super excited about getting outside of their comfort zone.  Granted, I have seen a group of male teachers perform as KISS and the Spice Girls!  But since not everyone is that comfortable up in from of people, here are a couple of ideas that perhaps even a shy teacher may consider:

Teacher Talent Show Ideas

1.  Recorders--teach them Hot Cross Buns or something else simple.  Dressing up silly is a MUST of course!

2. Pop See Ko--If you haven't signed up for GoNoodle, you need to!  You can check it out yourself here, or check out this blog I wrote about it awhile back.  Pop See Ko is one of my students' favorite chants and last year we changed it into our teacher talent act.  It took about 15 minutes to prepare.  Each grade of teachers created their own dance move and we started with kindergarten and went up, and even had our principal come out in the hotdog outfit at the end (see the video below)!  Then we invited the students to do their own "Pop See Ko."  It's kind of hard to explain on a blog, so log in and check it out!

3.  Dancing in the dark--as STICK FIGURE PEOPLE!  We did this a couple of years ago and boy was it a hit!  This option helps shy teachers because they know people can't see who they are.  It was so much fun and silly at the same time.  (Tip:  Make sure it's completely dark!)  I wish I had a good video of our simplified version for you, but here's a way over the top version:

And here's directions on how to do it!

4.  Lastly, I can already sense a Whip Nae Nae act coming this year . . . anybody else?

Why do we do these crazy things?  For the students.  Catch you next time I have something Noteworthy!

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