Reviewing My Resolutions

     Well, since it's about half way through the year, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my resolutions (for better or worse!).  So I'm linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to review the goals I set waaaaaaaayyyy back in January:

Personal:  Devotions and prayer
     I have to say while this has increased in my life, I could still use more discipline.  Perhaps a continuing resolution for many years to come!

Professional:  Take a levels course.
     I'm SUPER excited that I will be taking Kodaly Level 1 at CMU in just a couple of weeks!!  I LOVE professional development opportunities because I know I will always walk away a better teacher because of them!

Classroom:  After-school music club
     Well . . . . I was interested in that whole "after-school music club" until I found out I was going from K-5 to K-12 next year.  I guess I will have to save that after school time for my own planning for now :)

Blog/TPT: Stay active/don't second guess. 
     I have decided to pace myself as a TPT seller because I have a husband and two young daughters at home.  I haven't put out as many new products as I would have liked to which is kind of disappointing.  But, in another way, I'm so proud of myself for spending time with my daughters as my main priority in life (although this whole K-12 thing is taking a lot of my time right now too). 
     Don't second guess.  Well, I think I still do that sometimes.  But a big step forward for me is that I will be presenting about Teachers Pay Teachers at the Michigan Music Conference.  Make sure to come see me if you are attending.  I would love to meet you!

Just for me:  Proactive about health.
     Without going into the boring details, I've had lots of nagging health issues for many years.  I DID stick to this resolution and am happy to say that going gluten-free has pretty much wiped out my migraine and stomach issues that I have had for years!!!  Now I can work-out again--which I have been doing regularly for a couple of months!!  So glad to have a healthier body :)
     I hope your year has also been blessed with great successes!  Feel free to share something wonderful that has happened to you or something that has made you proud of yourself!  If you would like to see other resolutions from music teachers, and how they are going, click here
     Catch you next time I have something noteworthy!

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  1. Thanks for the idea, Jen, and for linking up! I had fun reading. And congrats on presenting about much fun! :)