FREE Instrument Family iPad Activity

     I'm really excited to do this activity with my students!  We just recently got iPads and were checking out some of the great education apps when I ran across Chatterpix Kids.
     Chatterpix Kids is a FREE app for iPads and iPhones that allows your students to take pictures of anything they want, add a mouth to it, and make it speak!  Even the teachers had fun with it when we had our professional development.  I made a really funny video of my principal, but since I value my job, I won't post it here :)  Anyway, here is the instrument activity!

Step-by-Step Chatterpix Kids Instrument Activity:

1.  Have your students choose an instrument of the orchestra to focus on.  You could give them a cheat sheet with some info, or have them look on the web (be careful with that!).

2.  Have them write a short script about the instrument that includes some of the following:
Name of the instrument.
Family it is in and why.
How it is played.
Something special about the instrument.
How to tell it apart from other instruments in it's family.

They only get 30 seconds to record, so they have to keep it short!

3.  Have students open Chatterpix.  Choose "take photo." 
4.  Have your students take a picture of their instrument.  You don't actually have to own the instrument, they can just take a picture of a picture :)  

5.  Then you will see this flash across the screen:
This hand is showing students how to draw a "mouth" on their picture.  Let them pick where they think the mouth is most appropriate!  They can always go back a step and do it again if they don't like how it turned out the first time.

6.  Next they push the record button and record their speech.  It's really easy to re-record if needed, and there's a timer showing them how much time they have left.
7.  Add fun stuff!!  Students can add filters, stickers, frames, and text to their picture.  I put a few things on, but you may want to limit it so they can still see the instrument!

 8.  Students will get a kick out of their final product.  Have them set their iPads up around the room and rotate to hear what other students have learned and created!
Here's mine:
Catch you next time I have something noteworthy!


  1. This is so cool! I just emailed my tech department to see if we have this app. Thank you for this awesome idea!!

    1. Awesome! I hope they can get it loaded quickly for you :) Such a fun little project. Let me know if you think of any other ways to use Chatterpix!