My New Year's Resolutions

I'm teaming up with Aileen Miracle for a New Year's Resolution Linky Party!
Here are my resolutions for this year:  (truth be told, I've never really made resolutions, so we'll see what happens!)

My faith is very important to me, but somehow between having two babies in the last three years, working full-time, being a wife, volunteering at church, starting a TPT store, blog, and Facebook page, I haven't really squeezed time in for my relationship with God (gee, I wonder why . . . ).  My plan this year is to take some time for myself each day (or at least every other day), away from all of the busyness, to focus on growing in my relationship with Christ.

I became really interested in the Kodaly method when I started seeing some of the products teachers put on TPT.  I wanted to know where they were getting their ideas from, and they all had one thing in common--Kodaly training.  Problem is, I live in Michigan, where there are literally NO Kodaly levels or workshops close by.  So, I may travel the globe to try to sneak one in, but that's super expensive!  The good news is I also live right next to Michigan State University, so I can take a Music Learning Theory course pretty easily and they have one I'm interested in coming up.  But, I don't agree with everything in their method, so globe traveling it may be!  I could always go for Level 2 Orff training too :)

I would really like to start a small music club for students who love music.  I think it would give my program even more momentum and encourage students to continue in music when they leave elementary school.  I'm thinking a recorder club or upper-elementary music club that would meet maybe 1-2x per month.  This year I have 25 students who have made it into the Elementary Honors Choir in the area, so I think our after-school practices will count for that!  Anyone who has had a music club, I'd love to hear what you've done!

I just started both of these in the last 6 months.  It can be overwhelming when you look at the blogs and TPT stores of other teachers who have been doing this much longer than me!  They seem to have it all together and have a huge following, and I'm just getting started!!  But, I also have 10 YEARS of teaching experience that I have to offer to people through my blog posts and products.  I have always had the ability to come up with unique songs and chants, but have never really tried to put them "out there" because I second guess myself.  This year, my goal is to be ME and not try to be anyone else.  And to know that there is a lot of value in what I have learned in the last 10 years of teaching!!

Just for me: 
I'm one of those people who needs 8-10 hours of sleep each night--not kidding at all, just ask my co-workers!  For a long time I got much less sleep than that because other people could survive on less sleep, why couldn't I?  Well, let's just say I'm a much more pleasant and healthy person when I get enough sleep :)  So, healthy sleep habits it is!  Also, I have some small nagging health issues I need to take care of to feel my best.  Time to be proactive to feel the best I can!!

Those are my resolutions for this year, what are yours?  Take some time to reflect on the upcoming year.  It feels good to set goals :)

Catch you next time I have something noteworthy!


  1. I would definitely recommend finding a program where you can do Kodaly training! :) I think you will be surprised how much it will change you and your teaching!

    1. I know taking 2 Orff classes has drastically improved my teaching, but I just love the sequencing of Kodaly and would like to learn about it in-depth! Guess I need to keep working at TPT so I can save up money for a class or two :)