My Classroom

     I am very fortunate that I get to teach in one room at one school!  Each year I try to change it around a bit to keep it fresh for my students and for myself!  Here are a few pictures from my classroom:
The back of my room.  That little green guy hanging on the back board is Igor, our class pet.  He helps with announcements and reminders :)

Where the students sit for "riser spots."

My corner (aka--desk, computer, piano, lesson supplies).  This picture also shows the Velcro lines I use for "line spots" for my students.  Each line is numbered 1-10.
The beginning of our word walls for the year.  Each grade level is responsible for knowing their own wall and all of the walls that come before theirs.

The front of the room.  I love that we got SMART boards this year!  It looks a bit chaotic in this picture, but I'll zoom in so you can see a few things close up. 

Music Super Stars!  Each student has their own "French fry" with their name on it for when we take turns.  I also award stars to each class when they have a great day for behavior.

Curwen hand sign posters!  Love these and the students are often referencing them.  You can find them here

Yes, I still prefer CDs to mp3 players.  I find it easier to have the songs ready and cued up without making students wait.  I found these little tabs at Staples that allow the cd's to hang on the wall.  So convenient!  I'm not sure if they make them anymore . . .

If I could recommend one thing to new teachers, it's grade level buckets!  Having one bucket for each grade level really helps me to be organized.  Each bucket has the curriculum book, supplemental lessons I use throughout the year, and the supplies needed for that week's lessons. 

Every music teacher needs their own little corner to show their students what music they love!  This is a piece of mine :)
Recorder rules!  Bought these this year, you can find them here.  My students have been doing a better job of following these concepts now that they are posted!

Music rule rubric that goes along with our school rules (in bold).

Composer of the month (or whatever "of the month" I'm doing that year).  You can find a free version of this here

I loved the idea of using an acronym for MUSIC to show rules.  However, I still feel like I need to have the school rules posted, so I just put both up!  I bought these here

This year my theme is that my students are SUPER STARS!  So, I went with a movie theme.  Here's the wall outside of my classroom.  Each class has their own popcorn bag. 

A poster explaining how classes earn their popcorn. 

This class has already earned 10 music stars this year!
     I hope that seeing pictures of my classroom has sparked some ideas for you!  I know that I got many of my ideas from other teachers and I would be happy for you to borrow some too :)  Thanks for checking out my classroom!

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