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25 November 2014

A Christmas Sing-Along Idea!

     Each month our school has an assembly to give out our monthly awards to students.  But, December's assembly is different, because each grade level also sings its own Christmas song for the rest of the school.  Nothing crazy fancy, they learn it in their classrooms and stand up and sing it from their spots.
     Several years ago there was this really great group of 6th graders and we wanted to make sure they had a great last Christmas singing experience, so I wrote a song for them.  Feel free to use it at your school!  Please direct others to this page to get the words if they want to use it :)
     For the full effect, have students dress up in Christmas colors, wear some shades, and design their own paper guitars using templates designed by an artistic student of your choice (we had a LOT of talent that year).  Or get blow up guitars from Oriental Trading Compay!  We sang a few of the traditional verses first and then followed it with our new verse in a grandiose style and the crowd went wild! 
       What have you done to let your students know how special they are?

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